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Learning By The Lakes Academy understands the importance of having qualified, educated team members to teach our next generation of children. I would like to introduce you to the
Anchors of Learning By The Lakes Academy. 

Meet the Anchors of Learning By The Lakes Academy.

Katie Mayo
President & Executive Director

My name is Katie Mayo, I wear many different hats, I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a wife of over 22 years to Robert, a friend, Miss Katie to many and most importantly a mom to my 3 children!

I have been in Early Childhood Education in the Lakes region for more than 20 years.  


From a very early age I had two dreams, to be a mom and to own and operate my own pre-school. I have always had a passion for early education and an understanding of how important providing learning opportunities at a young age is.

Encouraging children at an early age to reach for the stars, to not let being little be an obstacle. To be an encouragement to families that their little ones are more capable and independent than they realize.  To see the look on a child’s face when they accomplish a task they have worked on for so long, the pride in their faces knowing they didn’t give up and they did it means more than words can describe. I love to see children learn & succeed.

The pride I feel when I walk into a class room and see children engaged with their teachers in intentional learning opportunities, children learning to interact with each other and problem solving together, the team work we encourage fills my heart with love. My favorite part of childcare is listening to the stories I am told and watching their faces as they talk. Being the one to help comfort a sad child, to encourage them and let them know its okay to be sad, offer a little chocolate because  sometimes we all need a little chocolate. The silly names they make up for me fills my heart with pride! 


Most see me as a person who likes things to be done by the book, in an orderly manner, multi-tasking & perfectionist, energetic, visionary, believes in communication and documentation and I hope as a woman of integrity.  The way my family and close friends see me is as caring, warm and loving person who can be trusted and counted on. They know I will treat every child in my care as my own and always be there to answer a concern, question or share in milestones with them.  

My family sees me as the baby :) (my mom wrote that) I play that role well too!

Emily Taggett
Assistant Director & Lead Governor Teacher

Emily is a dedicated wife and mother to her one year old son. She has been in the early childhood education  for 6 years and has been with Katie for 4 years.

Emily was born and raised in the Lakes Region. In the winter you can catch her on the ski mountains ski and in the summer can find her at one of the many beautiful beaches around the lake.

Emily is detail oriented,  is involved with all the behind the scenes activities of Learning By The Lakes Academy. 

Emily is often the first face children see entering the building, she always has a caring word or hug for every child.

Emily is the Lead Teacher of our Governor's class (4&5 year old's) Emily takes great pride in teaching language and Literacy,  Math and science, phonics, social and emotional.  She does an exceptional job at catering her lessons to each and every child.

Jennifer Aurigemma
Assistant Director & Lead Loon Teacher

Jennifer is a devoted wife and mother to four children.  Her newest addition will be here in October!  Jennifer has been in the field for 9 years and has been with Katie for 3 years now.


Jennifer is a devoted wife and mother to 4 children. Jennifer's passion for early childhood education is written all over her face. Her face lights up when she sees each and every child in the building regardless if they are in her classroom or not.  She prides her self in getting to know each child and each family member.  Jennifer's classrooms are always beautifully done, and she is always encourage the children to strive for greatness.  "I can't" is not allowed, she always says "yes you can" 

Jennifer is the voice for children, always searching for ways to help and being their voice when they can't be. She is an advocate for families will always go the extra mile to get a child the help they need. 

Jennifer is involved with all aspects of Learning By The Lakes Academy, pushing Katie to push the limits and getting me out of my comfort zone.  

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