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About Learning by the Lakes Academy


Mission Statement

The Mission of Learning By The Lakes Academy Inc. is to make learning creative, engaging, and exciting for all children.  



The philosophy of Learning By The Lakes Academy Inc. is that children deserve the chances to learn, be creative and explore through hands-on activities. Children need and enjoy having stability, structure, and repetition in their schedules; children also need to be given the correct tools in order to be successful. Here at Learning By The Lakes Academy Inc., we firmly believe that there's no one way for children to learn. Learning through play and hands-on experiences enriches young minds and fosters curiosity, exploration, and independence. 

We also believe that children should be given the opportunity to do dangerous things carefully.  We want to encourage children to be independent and courageous. Giving them the opportunity to explore their surroundings, push their limits, build their self-confidence and self-worth. All while being close by to keep them safe.


Core Values

Learning: To help lay the foundation of early education that will follow a child for the rest of their lives. In an environment that sparks interest, engages through hands on activities and builds creativity in all aspects of learning. 

Passionate: To inspire children to explore, question and discover their surroundings. 

Creativity: Encourage hands on experience through art, play and explorations of surroundings

Friendship: To build mutual respect between each other. Develop the ability to listen and allow each person to be unapologetically themselves with no fear of judgment.

Partnership: Raising independent and functional children takes a village, Learning By The Lakes Academy Inc. wants to help the community and be part of your village! 

Upcoming Events:

We have a fun-filled calendar of events at Learning by the Lakes Academy!  It's a great opportunity to meet other families and have fun together. Keep an eye on our website for more events and updates!

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